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NOTICE: if you have GPU computing resources and want to donate your extra computing power (not the physical machine), please contact us at:, with the detailed information about your hardware. All the games played on the donated computing resources will be FREE to the end users.

Due to popular demand and expensive GPU computing resource, we have to charge a small fee to cover the AIGo server cost. Also we want to let as many different users as possible to play with AIGo, here are the rules:

  1. Each AIGo's move cost: $0.00.
  2. UNDO moves:
    • If you are not happy with any move you have played, you can go back undo it :-), the extra cost is $0.05 * (the distance between the last move and your undo point)/2. E.g if the last move is #100 and you want go back and undo at move #80, i.e 20 moves earlier, it will cost $0.05 * (100 - 80)/2 = $0.50.
    • Undo between different branches of the game tree is also allowed: the distance is the sum of the length of the two branches to their nearest shared parent node.
  3. Time:
    • AIGo's thinking time is (~15, or ~30) seconds based on your choice / per move; but the response time may be longer (depends on the server load).
    • You have max 1 week, i.e 7 days (excluding AIGo's processing time of course), to finish a game. Our server will send you reminding email about the suspended games, please make sure to check your login email often.
  4. Unused fees will be kept in your account balance and be used in future games. Under NO circumstances, we will issue refund (it's very tedious to refund such penny charges on PayPal).
  5. We only use Chinese WeiQi Rules.

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-- Handicap:4  Komi:0.0  UNDOs:0
-- AIGo's speed:15 sec/move
-- Response time is estimated
-- Chinese Rule; 2 PASS => game over